Monday, November 17, 2008

The Stone Soup Story

Today my brother Steven mentioned the Grimm Brother’s story called "Stone Soup".
Wow! I haven’t thought of this story since I was a child.

The story goes something like this: there were some hungry travelers that came into a village and no one would give them any food. So they started cooking a rock in a big black pot with only water as the broth. One of the villagers came by and peered into the soup. He said "Are you cooking a rock?". The travelers reply "yes kind sir…we are making a delicious soup called Stone Soup. It is quite good and would be especially better if we had some potatoes to add". The man said…I have a few potatoes to spare and promptly got them so they could be added to the soup. Then a woman stopped by the pot. The travelers said "we are making our famous stone soup. The only problem is that it would taste much better with a few carrots".

I think you can guess the rest of the story. People continued to bring vegetables and meat until the stew was really an edible and nourishing meal. The soup was then shared with all.

The story speaks to cooperation, teamwork and everyone being better off due to their sharing of resources

So Let’s Make Soup

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