Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anna's House

Beggars for the Poor

Anna’s House was founded by Luscious Newsom. Luscious's favorite saying was that he "was a beggar for the poor". He saw the need to feed the poor in the Stringtown/Haughville area of Indianapolis. After years of feeding the needy from a vacant lot he was able to raise funds to have Anna’s House built. Anna’s house not only provides food, but also much needed services such as snack program for local children, tutoring, job training, medical and dental.

Anna’s house was named after Anna Molloy who tirelessly helped Luscious feed the poor every Saturday even though Anna struggled with her own health issues. Before Anna’s House was built, Anna would helped with the program even on the coldest days.

Both Luscious and Anna are no longer with us but their legacy continues in Anna’s House.


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