Friday, November 28, 2008

Helping Willy

I saw with my own eyes how the cooperation described in the Stone Soup Story can produce results. The owner of our company is very involved with the homeless, so we have contact with lots of people with special needs. A deaf man stopped by on Tuesday and said that he needed food. In fact, he needed enough food to last him one week.

The good news that he just got a job at Walmart---the bad news is that his 1st paycheck wouldn't come for a week. He was out of food and hungry. A mass email was sent out to my co-workers and in one day’s time enough food was gathered to feed this man breakfast, lunch and dinner for over a week.

Some people dipped into their stash at work providing cans of tuna, soup, chili and ravioli. Others looked in their home pantries and brought in peanut butter, cheese, boxed casseroles and soda. Others went to the store and picked up meat, eggs, pumpkin pie, bread and fresh fruit.

Due to the quick nature of needing this food it was only by the process of cooperation and compassion that this small endeavor was accomplished. (We started with just a stone.)

Each of us helping just a little...helps a lot

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